premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe - 2016


Jumping The Barriers is a new play by Adam JS Smith and Chris Daley, with creative contributions from Mike Armagon. It tells the story of a chance meeting on a train between a young graduate and a homeless man.

James seemingly has it all – a good job, a nice flat in London and a girlfriend who loves him. Everything is sorted. And that’s the problem. Nothing exciting ever happens to him. Enter Nathan, a streetwise Scouser who is homeless and has just bunked on the train. Their short journey shows us how first impressions can be deceiving, how often we take a lot for granted and that we always have a choice.

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The Space on the Mile


August 15-20, 22-27

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The Cast

Adam JS SmithJames

Chris Daley Nathan

Mike Amargon The Stranger

Deborah Joy-Simms Francesca, the Trolley Girl

The Courtyard Players were founded in 2014 when Adam J S Smith and Chris Daley met whilst training at Brian Timoney’s Method Acting Studio. Adam had been sat on the train next to a homeless man on the journey to London and approached Chris about writing a play. Themes and ideas began to develop. Themes such as social inequality, preconceptions of the homeless and a generation stuck between a career they want and realistic paying job. On completion of the script Deborah Joy-Simms and Mike Armagon were immediately cast, having also trained with Adam and Chris.




Adam JS Smith, Chris daley,
Mike Armagon, Deborah Joy-Simms

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Rachel Edwards

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Pinecone Penguin Design

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